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Prabhas goes green!

We saw him in films like Baahubali and Saaho, where he did a great job beating up people, but there is a do-very-good side to mega-star Prabhas that was highlighted recently. He has just adopted 1,650 acres of the Khazipally Reserve Forest near Hyderabad. This was nicely tied up when he handed over a fat cheque to the authorities who look after the development - and hopefully protection - of the area. He was the guest of honour at a ceremony to set in the foundation stone of an Urban Forest Park, taking a good look at the area and planting a few saplings to start things off on a green note. 

Prabhas has adopted this bit of woodland in memory of his late father, UVS Raju, and promised to monitor the work and hand over more support as would be needed and deserved. 

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