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Prithiviraj Sukumaran’s next is all about trains!

Pictures courtesy: Poffactio's Twitter (Prithviraj's official network)

Looks like Prithviraj Sukumaran has taken to the world of transport. The actor who is currently shooting for Driving Licence, his next film is titled Railway Guard. From automobiles, he has now moved to trains!

Well, jokes apart, Railway Guard brings together Prithviraj and director Deepu Karunakaran after their last outing Teja Bhai And Family. The title and first poster of the film was shared on behalf of the actor on his official network's social media page. 

Headlined ‘Prithviraj in and as’ with the title of the film ‘Railway Guard’ at the bottom of the poster, the visual shows a railway track in perspective, with an approaching train. All this is encapsulated in the silhouette of a person’s head.

Sharing the poster Prithviraj wrote, “The barren terrains of north and northeastern India. Thousands of kilometres of one of the world’s largest railroad network traverse through these often hostile terrains. There, at the end of a goods train that carry anything from coal to grains, he keeps watch alone. The scorching heat, the freezing cold, the darkest nights and the beat of the locomotive keep him company. This is the seldom told story of a barely known hero. This is the story of... THE RAILWAY GUARD (sic).”

When you read the words, the faceless poster and the long winding train makes sense. This definitely makes for an interesting premise. While we wait for more details on the film, you can catch the actor in action on September 6 in his latest release Brother's Day.

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