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Producers Guild Of India plays an important role in Mumbai becoming the UNESCO Creative City for Films

Producers Guild of India has played a significant role in making this happen. Chief Executive Officer of PGI, Kulmeet Makkar gave a statement on this occasion:

It is a matter of great honour for the Film Industry that Mumbai has been designated as 'UNESCO Creative city for Films’.

The Producers Guild of India as an important stakeholder as part of the application process made to UNESCO and we always believed that Mumbai city deserves to be recognised. Hindi cinema traces its roots to this city as it was born and conceived here, more than 100 years ago. Indian cinema in its entirety has blossomed on the affection, bonding and compassionate endorsement from the people of Mumbai. The rich culture, customs and traditions of Mumbai have been harbingers for the growth and development of the Indian film industry.

Hindi Film Industry has transcended literal and metaphorical boundaries over the years and now, curates and creates content for global audiences to bring them closer to Indian sensibilities, culture and lifestyles. As it reflects the cultural ethos, working patterns and social consciousness of India, one can say that the film industry is India’s soft power when it comes to portraying the image of our nation to the world.

The industry is the source of employment for lakhs of people in Mumbai and is known to have the potential of boosting tourism by attracting tourists from the world over to visit Mumbai showcased through our films.

Moving forward, this recognition will go a long way in making Mumbai an ideal and preferred destination for creativity and economic growth through films.

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