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Public Notice - 20th June


NOTICE is hereby given that our clients are in the process of purchasing (a) Exclusive Broadcast Rights including airborne and seaborne rights; (b) Exclusive DTH Rights; (c) Exclusive Cable Television Rights; (d) Exclusive Terrestrial Television Rights; (e) Exclusive Internet Rights; (f) Exclusive Mobile Rights; (g) Exclusive On Demand Rights; (h) Exclusive IPTV Rights; (i) Exclusive Subtitling Rights in English, Hindi and all other Indian languages; (j) Exclusive Dubbing Rights in Hindi and all other Indian languages; (k) Ancillary Rights and (l) Exclusive Syndication Rights for all the aforementioned rights for unlimited telecasts of the Films as detailed in the Schedule herein below. To the best of our knowledge and belief, the Films are free from any encumbrances, claims or demands, whatsoever.

However, should any person(s) have claim against, to, or in respect of the Films mentioned hereunder, whether by way of any sale, lease, assignment, license or otherwise, such person(s) are hereby required to make the same known in writing to the undersigned at the address/ email address given below, within 07 (seven) days from the date of publication hereof, failing which the transaction will be completed without reference to such claims and the same, if any, will be deemed to have been waived.

Dated:20th June 2020

Place: Ahmedabad


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