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Singer Tulsi Kumar shares her expereinces with her latest acoustic singles with Bhakti Mehta

After delivering commercial hits in films this year, singer Tulsi Kumar has delighted her fans by releasing a series of acoustic versions of several successful songs. Elaborating on this Kumar says, “I have started doing a series of acoustic songs and I am getting a great response. I have always been a huge fan of unplugged, acoustic versions. Whenever I hear a song, I look for an acoustic version of it, which is maybe on a piano or a guitar. It is just the singing that gets to me. The singing is the main hero in an acoustic version. It is my personal choice because it makes the voice the hero of the song, and that’s what inspired me to do these acoustic versions. I have done quite a lot of them.”

The songstress also shares some details of her acoustic songs. “One of the latest songs is Paaniyon sa, for which I did a thrill mix which gave a different vibe to the entire thing. Then there is the other very famous song of this year, Dekhte dekhte from Batti Gul Meter Chalu. It’s a huge song and it has been there for a while as it was originally performed by Nushrat Fateh Ali Khan saab. He created this song and it was great to give it my voice.

“Then there is Tere jaisa, again from Satyameva Jayate, which I have sung acoustically now. I had sung the original version of the track too for the film. There are two more acoustic tracks that I have in the pipeline. They will come out soon,” she says.

Kumar explains that the idea of an acoustic song is to create something different. “It is musically fresh because the lyrics and the composition are the same. So what can you change in the acoustic version? You can change the arrangement of the song. You can change the music production. That’s where the twist comes in.

The singer explains, “Like, in Tere jaisa, there is a beautiful guitar that I am singing to. Abhijeet Bhagani has produced the music for the acoustic version. With the guitar, there is a completely new piece that has come into the song. In the acoustic version, it is just one instrument with the voice, and the voice has to be very powerful. The emotion has to be very strong because that is what is going to connect instantly with the listener. I think the acoustic version is always more touching for listeners than the original version. It truly touches the heart.”

Kumar says she is overwhelmed by the response to her latest releases and explains why they connected with her fans. “As I said, I am getting an amazing response. There has been a huge number of views on YouTube. And that is great because it is not a new song, it has not been shot in a way that is larger-than-life. The video is just me sitting with a mic in front of me and singing the song to the tune. But I think the connect is there. People are connecting my face with my voice. Since I am featuring in every video with the song, my fans are loving it. My fan following has increased due to these versions. It is very good that they are getting to see me and hear my voice at the same time. That creates a bigger connect with the audience.”

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