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Q's Taranath Tantrik to start streaming today on Hoichoi

Bangla filmmaker Q, who is famous for his aesthetically treated content, is ready with his next project. The director has created Taranath Tantrik, a Hoichoi web series. The titular character is based on the famous character that was penned by legendary Bengali author, Bibhutibhushon Bandopadhyay.

The series is based on various short stories written by Bibhutibhushon Bandopadhyay and his son, Taradas Bandopadhyay. Bihutibhushon was a renowned scholar, a civil servant, a nature lover and a prolific writer. Despite being a rationalist, he was deeply interested by the pagan practices. Having spent much of his life in such spaces where the old practices were still active, he has written extensively about the paranormal in everyday life. He wrote only two short stories about the character. Much of Taranath’s life is displayed prominently through these two stories. The writer is a regular visitor at Taranath’s old house, sometimes with a friend, sometimes alone. After Bibhutibhushon’s death, his son began writing more stories about Taranath Tantrik. These stories make for the narrative of the series. 

Based in turn of the century Bengal, Taranath Tantrik (played by Indian American film and theatre actor, Jayant Kripalani) is a collection of fascinating stories providing an insight into the period narrated by a renowned tantric. These are stories of dark arts, mystery and magic. The stories all begin with a young writer, and his friend Kishori buying a packet of cigarettes visiting Taranath. In lieu of the gift of cigarettes, Taranath, who lives with his pretty but strange daughter, Chari, will tell them a story from his rich repertoire. He has had an eventful life as an itinerant student and practitioner of Tantra. The writer and friend, being rationalists, have doubts about the authenticity of the stories. However, Taranath is a master storyteller, and takes them on a whirlwind trip of insane adventure every time. All episodes of Taranath Tantrik are streaming now on Hoichoi. 

Watch the trailer of the web series here:

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