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Raagini MMS 2

Yo Yo Honey Singh is on a dream run! He’s just had two solid chartbusters in Sunny sunny and ABCD (Yaariyan) and is back with another potential bestseller, Chaar botal vodka! This deliriously catchy, hip-hop number is packed with all the trademark Honey Singh elements – an addictive hook line, a nursery rhyme-like rhythm and easy-to-sing-along lyrics. Get ready to hear this track blaring everywhere.

There is no denying that Baby Doll (Meet Bros Anjjan, Kanika Kapoor, Kunal Avanti) is annoying but it’s also earworm material. There is hardly anything novel about this Meet Bros Anjjan composition. You’ve heard the same rhythm several times before. But UK-based Punjabi folk singer Kanika Kapoor has a distinct voice that sticks in your head and makes this number work.

Pranay Rijia’s lone composition is a mellow, soulful ballad Maine khud ko. Mustafa Zahid renders it earnestly but there has been such an overkill of these Sufi-inspired love songs that this one ends up a strict one-time listen. Arpita Chakraborti, however, nails it with her rendition of Lori of Death, a dark lullaby. She has a whispery voice that’s perfect for this spooky number.

The soundtrack of Raagini MMS 2 springs a pleasant surprise – two chartbuster tracks and a few passable ones.

Verdict: Fun till it lasts!

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