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Racing Ahead

 Singer-composer Vishal Mishra talks to Box Office India about his experience while working for Veere Di Wedding and Race 3.

Vishal Mishra says he believes in the spontaneity of the creation of music. “I have no idea how I got on board for both the films, it was very coincidental. I met Rhea (Kapoor) at a friend’s house and she heard my latest music and randomly asked me to play something. But, I couldn’t because I create songs only on the basis of scripts. She then gave me a situation of a film.

“The second time we met, I made her listen to the Veere title track. I wanted to make a Dil Chahta Hai, Koi Kahe version for girls. That is how we started. We wrote the whole tune and got Anvita (Dutt), the lyricist on board. I made the tune in one take, she wrote it in one go, and that’s what we kept,” Mishra says.

Both tracks are made of different emotions in the film. “When I was making Dagmag, I wanted to make a sangeet song, and with Rhea you can make whatever you want to make. She heard it and said this is my song (laughs), and that this is the theme of the film. I think I enjoyed Dagmag more than I enjoyed making Veere.”

Mishra confesses that he has been flooded with appreciation for the songs. “Yes, I keep calling Badshah and telling him that you have eaten all the other songs with Tareefan, it is just too big. But, Veere has got its own space, especially women have connected with the song so well. I really wanted it to be a girl song, where the girls are singing. So, there are six girls singing the song, but the main voice is mine and I sang 99 per cent of it.”

For his next big project, he says, “Race 3 happened because I was doing Friendship Unlimited with Mahesh Manjrekar, where Salman (Khan) sir sang a song with me. One day, he wrote, Ek baar baby selfish hoke apne liye jio na, and I said why not make a song out of it? He said this can’t be a song, this is a conversation, but we started jamming on it, and the song happened.”

Mishra feels Atif Aslam is blessed with a beautiful voice.Selfish is a melody that I have made from my heart. If you just listen to the melody, you will realise that it’s actually a very lonely melody.”

“And I also know that it’s difficult for people to digest it straightaway because there is English in the middle. I wanted to make a love song which is as conversational as you and me talking to each other right now. Atif happened to be my first choice because he was in the first Race film. His biggest quality is the way he pronounces his words. That is why I wanted him to sing it,” Mishra reveals.

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