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The plot of Radio is basically the transition of a man from one relationship to another. Vivaan Shah, a famous radio jockey, has nothing going right in his life, be it his personal life (he is divorced from his wife due to ego clashes) or in his profession (his radio show hits an all time low ratings). He meets Shanaya (a crazy girl) and his life changes. She comes in like a whiff of fresh air, bringing love into his life and also helps garner high ratings for the show.

The story line has some loop holes like, why the three (Vivaan, his love interest, Shanaya and his ex wife, Pooja) always hang out together or why Shanaya’s family is interested only in feeding their future son-in–law and not asking him to marry their daughter?

A very different approach has been tried in this film. Each incident is compiled into a chapter. There are as many as fifteen chapters with graphics and headings. Though a new way of narration has been introduced, after a point of time, it loses it’s impact.

Three films old, Himesh Reshammiya delivers his best. With this film, he proves that he also has a good sense of comic timing. Shenaz Treasuryvala looks cute and performs well. Sonal Sehgal has no screen presence. Paresh Rawal as Zandu Lal Tyagi is wasted as he tries to imitate a certain ‘Ghanta Singh’ from a popular radio channel. He tries his level best but the poor dialogues are a let down. His scenes looks forced into the screenplay with a failed attempt to add humour. Rajesh Khattar as Vivaan’s boss is unnecessarily on an automatic wheel chair. His absurd getup is annoying. Zakir Hussian, with a heavy Punjabi accent, is a couch potato and has nothing to do other than trying to whine about television.

Music is Himesh’s forte and he provides an excellent account of his musical acumen with some great tunes. The director, Ishan Trivedi, has given it more of an ad film touch.

Though the music is already a hit, the film failed to take a big opening. However, the low cost of the film might help the film sail through.

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