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Rahul Mahajan gets evicted from the Bigg Boss house

The combination of challengers and current contestants has proved to be extremely exciting and explosive. As the sword of elimination hangs large, the contestants are always on the edge whether it could be their last day in the house!

This time, it was the very entertaining Rahul Mahajan, who has been a part of Bigg Boss in the previous seasons, saw his journey end on the show. He had the most entertaining run on the show and his clashes with Rakhi Sawant proved to be epic. Their most recent face-off was most entertaining and exciting  as Rakhi and Rahul had a tiff where during a task Rakhi ripped off Rahul's dhoti. He played a good game and his bindass attitude was much loved by both housemates and viewers. His ploy of turning the other housemates against Rakhi was also noted by all. He made his alliances with Rubina, Abhinav and found his buddy in Eijaz Khan. The entire house was extremely protective about Mahajan and even took care of his health.

For Rahul and for everyone else, the eviction came as a shock! After a very entertaining session with Monalisa, the actress revealed that she would take one housemate along with her! It turned out, it was Rahul whose journey came to a standstill!

With all the housemates hugging him as he left, Rahul sure made a lot of friends in Bigg Boss 14

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