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Rain, rhythm and romance

Arjun Kanungo talks to Joanne D'silva about his recently released song, Woh baarishein and upcoming projects

In a market that is currently flooded with recreations, Arjun Kanungo’s latest single, Woh baarishein comes as a breath of fresh air. The song is ruling the charts and we spoke to Kanungo recently to ask him about the inspiration behind this beautiful tune. “I really don't know. These questions cannot really be answered because it is God who has given me this talent. And whatever tune I get definitely comes from a good place, pyaar se aata hai and that is the very idea of music. You can't really explain it but everybody still feels it. So, when I came up with this tune and after I hummed the tune to a few people, they remembered it; that is the power of this tune,” he said.

Speaking about actress Shriya Pilgaonkar, who features in the music video of this song along with the musician, Kanungo believes she was the right fit for this track. “It was amazing. Shriya is a very sweet girl and I think she is genuine and quite a good actress. She is also talented and is always determined towards her work. Also,  she is very clear about things. I like clarity in people, I don't like people who are confused. So I think she was perfect for this music video.” 

Since it is a soulful ballad, we asked Kanungo whom he would like to dedicate this love song to, and he candidly shared, “I would dedicate this song to every girlfriend who broke up with me.” 

He also spoke about what’s next on the cards for him. “I really cannot disclose it now but some of my new songs are currently in process and two songs are all set to release. People have just started liking my new song, Woh baarishein so, I will give it a little time and in two-three months I will be releasing more songs. I can only disclose that one is a party song while the other is a love song. The party song is a huge collaboration with two big artistes. The second song is written by Mayur Puri,” he added.

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