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Music director Uttam Singh, best known for his romantic melodies in Dil To Pagal Hai and Gadar, returns after a long hiatus to compose the soundtrack of Rajjostarring the versatile Kangna Ranaut. The album features seven songs written by veteran lyricists Sameer and Dev Kohli.

The opening track Julmi re julmi is an ’80s-style mujra rendered enthusiastically by Bela Shende. Shende is the voice behind the hugely popular Marathi song Apsara aali(Natrang) and the devotional number Man Mohana (Jodha Akbar). She has a sweet, melodious voice best suited to Indian-style songs. But Singh’s composition is listless and horribly dated. The same is true of Mere dil ki train. Despite Shaan’s best efforts, the arrangement and melody is behind the times and dull.

Kaise milu mein piya (Bela Shende, Javed Ali) is a mellow song of longing. Singh creates a melody that’s rich in classical tones and uses a beautiful harmonium riff to accentuate the sombre mood. In spite of the ridiculous title Kaleja hai hazir (Bela Shende), it makes for pleasant listening. Shende is excellent in her rendition of this soft, Indian mujra.

Mere ghoongru (Bela Shende, Javed Ali) is a heavily orchestrated romantic number straight out of an early ’90s album. This is the kind of song maestros Laxmikant–Pyarelal would have composed on a bad day! Renowned classical vocalist Shubha Joshi sounds like a dream in the short couplet Yeh kotha yeh ghoongru and Theme of Rajjo is essentially the instrumental version of Kaise milu mein piya.

The soundtrack of Rajjo isn’t a bad one. It’s just horribly dated.

Verdict: Old fashioned.

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