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Ramayan is re-launched officially on Tilak Channel on Youtube - watch now

The legendary series Ramayan is being re-launched officially on Tilak Channel on Youtube for the first time. Ramayan is going to be available in multiple languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Oriya and other major regional languages. The Hindi version is being launched on Tilak on 17th October on the occasion of Navratri. 

Tilak is going to be a home to the greatest mythological stories and finest devotional musical offerings in the form of Bhajan's, Mantra's and Aarti's. The platform is owned and operated by Select Media Holdings LLP. They plan to launch more than 20000+ Clips in the time to come. They are starting with the legendary TV series Ramayan. Ramayan is an Indian television series based on ancient Indian Sanskrit epic of the same name. 

The show was originally aired between 1987 and 1988 on DD National. It was created, written, and directed by Ramanand Sagar. The show is primarily based on Valmiki's 'Ramayan' and Tulsidas' 'Ramcharitmanas'. The series had a viewership of 82 per cent, a record high for any Indian television series.  The series was re-aired during the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown and broke several viewership records globally which includes setting the record for one of the most-watched TV shows ever in the world, with 77 million viewers on 16 April 2020. 

Select Media Holdings also plan to launch Jai Sri Krishna, Sai Baba, Jai Ganga Maiya and numerous other popular Mythology series on its platform Tilak. Numerous original content from Mythology category is under pre-production which the platform is planning to launch in the coming times.

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