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Ravi Dubey says, "Wife Sargun Mehta locks herself in bathroom just to watch Netflix series" - watch video

Television star Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta are one of the most adorable couples. The duo recently shared the screen space almost  after ten years in Badshah's song Toxic and make everybody stunned with their marvelous performance amid lockdown. 

Ravi and Sargun recently got candid with Box Office India and played a fun game titled, "How Well They Know Each Other,'' Well if you are thinking this game is easy for them , then you need to watch the video to see how they really did the game.

Ravi also revealed one of the interesting guilty pleasures of Sargun and said, " Accept the fact that you (Sagun) sit in the bathroom for four hours. She sits there and watches Netflix series. Correcting him Sargun said, " It's 8 hours something". 

He also added, "That is also why she is happy in the lockdown." 

Needless to say, Ravi and Sargun played very well and also their bond and chemistry in the video  left us awestruck. 

While we bring you more news, you stay tuned to Box Office India for more updates from the world of Bollywood. 

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