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Reliance Goes Regional

While everyone is talking about how corporate houses are taking a back seat and going low on production, there’s this company that’s making waves slowly but steadily. We’re talking about Reliance Entertainment, which is busy churning out movies one after another. Among others, they already have a deal with Rohit Shetty and Neeraj Pandey and are also actively involved with distributing movies. Now here’s a juicy tidbit – the company has got into business in the South, and in a big way.

They’re actively involved in churning out movies there at regular intervals. And recently, on April 1, they signed an agreement with Sunil Narang’s Global Cinemas and with this joint venture they will be releasing Telugu movies. They have already released a couple of movies in the last few months and a few days ago, they locked the biggest deal of their company yet. Well, they’ve acquired the Telugu distribution rights of 2.0 for the Andhra Pradesh-Nizam territory, for an unheard-of price. Phew!

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