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Review: Tutak Tutak Tutiya

Banner: Shakti Sagar Productions, Pooja Entertainment Films

Producer: Sonu Sood

Director: Vijay

Cast: Prabhu Dheva, Tamannaah, Sonu Sood, Murali Sharma, Rajiv Thakur

Writers: Vijay (story & screenplay), Paul Aaron (story), Chintan Gandhi (dialogues)

Music: Sajid-Wajid

As the title suggests, the film has been made to entertain the audience and the film succeeds in doing that with some hiccups. The newness of the film is that it is a horror-comedy, may not be alien but something new for the Hindi moviegoers. The funda is clear, keep your brain at home.

The film follows Krishan (Prabhu Dheva), who hails from a village in Coimbatore but is now settled in Mumbai. His only dream is to marry an ultramodern girl. His hunt is on even after being rejected 30 times. His grandmother falls sick and he is summoned to his village. Here, things take a drastic turn in his life.

His family gets him married to a village girl Devi (Tamannah), an ideal wife – simple and obedient. She’s everything Krishna does not want. Once back in Mumbai Krishna is embarrassed to reveal that he has married a village girl and so to keep it a secret the couple move into a new house. However, a strange presence in their new apartment changes everything.

The new house is haunted and soon, the ghost possesses Devi’s body. It is revealed that the spirit belongs to an aspiring actress named Ruby Singh who had committed suicide in the same house. Gradually Krishan begins to realize that a restless spirit, who harbours unrealised dreams of super-stardom, has possessed his wife.

Ruby plans to use Devi’s body to fulfill her dreams. She makes an impression on reigning superstar Raj Khanna (Sonu Sood). The actor signs her for his next film Revolver Raja 003 and in the process falls in love with her. Amidst all this, Krishna slowly falls in love with Devi. How the story unfolds further takes the film ahead.

Director Vijay seems to have done his homework well. He delivers an entertainer and manages to gently extract humour in most scenes. It is a simple film that entertains with no loud characters and no overacting. Also the screen chemistry shared by the trio, Dheva, Sood and Tamannah’s characters is perfectly balanced. Vijay is very good, from scripting to casting to direction to extracting the right performances.

Despite the sometimes-slow, sometimes-fast tempo and with a runtime of 127 minutes, the film is a smooth ride. The dialogues are good especially post interval. A special appearance by Farah Khan is funny, and Ami Jackson and Esha Gupta are brilliantly included in the songs. The music is another asset of the film. Editing by Anthony is apt. Cinematography by Manush Nandan is good.

Performance-wise, Prabhu Dheva excels in his part. His confidence as an actor is topnotch and he plays his part with aplomb and conviction. Tamannaah not only fills her character with the right amount of gusto but also imparts subtleness to her mannerisms. She convinces you with her portrayal of a simple housewife and then surprises you with her flamboyant avatar as well. Sonu Sood is superb and comes out ace, playing his comic character with flourish. Murali Sharma’s character and his performance is another asset of the film. Rajiv Thakur is very good. The rest of the cast supports well.

Verdict: Paisa-vasool entertainment!

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