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RGV faces 5-lakh challenge from Rokkk director!

The ghost of Phoonk has returned to haunt Ram Gopal Varma. The filmmaker, who had challenged anyone to sit through his horror flick alone in a cinema hall, is now the ‘victim’ of a similar challenge!

Just as Varma had offered a Rs 5 lakh reward to a Phoonk braveheart, director Rajesh Ransinghe, whose Rokkk is set for release on March 5, has made an identical offer to Ramu, who will have to watch Rokkk in a cinema hall all alone.

Ransinghe is so confident of winning this wager that he says, “Having thrown the same challenge to the audience, will he have the guts to watch my film? If he watches my movie alone, I will reward him with a cash prize of Rs 5 lakh.”

Four days have passed since Ransinghe threw down the gauntlet but there’s been no word from Ramu.

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