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Rhythm & Rain

In a short span of time, music composer Tanishk Bagchi has made quite an impact with melodies like BannoTu cheez badi and Humma humma. In conversation with Komal Sharma, the young talent shares his experience of composing his new song Baarishfrom the film Half Girlfriend

Tanishk Bagchi had composed the song Baarish from the movie Half Girlfriend three years ago. “When I was pitching for movies, I met Mohit sir (Mohit Suri). I played a few songs for him and Baarish was one of them. It was the first time I had played the song and he liked it a lot. It made me feel that this song had potential. Still, I had to wait for a long time as it was only much later that I learnt that it had been chosen for a film called Half Girlfriend,” reveals Bagchi.

The young musician has not only composed the song but has also written its lyrics. “When I was composing this song, it was raining. When you’re working on the music, your mood and the environment directly influence your work. At that time, I was also contemplating my life, my journey and I was wondering what things would be like in the future. I started writing this song at that point, without once imagining that it could be used in a film someday. It was just my state of mind…who I wanted in my life or what I was searching for… these were my only thoughts.

“That’s what went into the lyrics and later into the song. There are a lot of songs on the rain but my song is about a love that is incomplete. That’s the difference between my song and other songs. The sound I have used is very Indian and I have also used the santoor because this instrument always relates to droplets of water.”

While Bagchi likes to experiment with his music, he also likes to work with new talents. “I like to get new people on board. I had known Ash King (singer) for six years and I knew he had the potential to sing a song like this, so I did Baarish with him.”

On his association with Balaji Telefilms and director Mohit Suri, Bagchi says, “The best thing about working with Mohit sir is that he is very straightforward and does not hesitate to tell you if something is working or not. He was the first person to listen to my song and give me a honest feedback. That is very important for a budding artiste. Also, I remember at a Balaji Productions’ party, where Ekta ma’am was present, and when I sang this song, everyone started singing along with me. At that moment, I realised that my song was a hit.”

Thrilled with the final outcome of the song, an excited Bagchi says, “I am super happy with everything. The way it has been shot is natural and casual, not too glamourous. The song is simple and romantic and the picturisation captures it beautifully.”

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