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Surveen Chawla talks with Suranjana Biswas about her latest web series Haq Se on ALTBalaji

Tell us something about the character that you are playing in Haq Se.

I am playing the eldest sister’s character in a family that lives in Kashmir, in the show. The father is in the army. She is somebody who has a past. The show talks about the how women in our country face societal norms that restrict them. My character Meher, is almost a conformist of sorts. At the same time, she is also very responsible and protective about her sisters. She is almost like a mother to them.


Do you relate to her character in
real life?

She truly believes that when a woman is treated badly, whether in a relationship or in society, it is her fault and she must be doing something wrong. This character is so different than how I think in real life. I can’t blame a victim if rape happens. And in an extra-marital affair, a man is equally responsible, not just the woman. But Meher is someone who believes that. It was quite difficult for me to play the role and make it look convincing. I don’t think that way at all.


Do you sometimes feel emotionally drained portraying such strong characters?

That has been the case a lot of times. When I worked in Parched, I used to search in the nooks and corners to find the pain to relate to the character. But I feel we as actors have the platform and power to use those emotions and express them in front of the world. I feel pain makes an artiste. Sometimes, it may be emotionally exhausting but it is always an enriching experience.


How has your association with Ekta Kapoor been over the years?

Since I sort of moved out of Balaji Telefilms and I did Kajjal, we have bonded so much. It is not that we were in constant touch with each other. I wanted to explore a lot and I did. But when Haq Se happened, she is so true to herself when it comes to her job. She has taken television to another level, her passion and excitement for creativity remains the same. It is really inspiring to see this braveheart woman. She does what she feels is right.


You have worked in TV, films and now on the digital platform. How was the shift like from one medium to another?

When I was doing television, I would burn out, working daily for 12 hours. It would also get monotonous. These are  the major differences between television and films for me. As an actor though, there is no difference because I am just doing my job. I don’t think I will act any differently if I work in television again. The way I express in terms of my craft will remain the same. I just want to be true to the character that I have to play.


What are your future projects?

Well, I am a part of Netflix’s Sacred Games. I can’t really talk about the character right now.


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