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The transition to the digital medium benefits the entire industry; embrace it wholeheartedly

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We well and truly live in the digital era. We have access to everything at the click of the mouse, right from banks to medicines to academics. The entertainment industry has embraced this change and is using this medium completely. Every Indian television show, channel and series has gone digital. Digitisation is helping the industry also because it demands good content as your content is now reaching everyone.

Matching international standards, we have started our own shows in India, making our own web series and shows. We, as a music label and production house that caters to numerous films every year, have a lot to offer when it comes to providing content digitally. Hence our YouTube channel. From songs, dialogue promos, trailers, interviews, concept videos to our very recent Mixtape, which will soon have a second season, everything reaches our worldwide audience and helps us garner instant and honest feedback on our content.

With the recent tie-ups that films have with digital platforms, we have sold the digital rights of several of our home productions to Amazon Prime. We have already tied up for Noor, Hindi Medium, Raabta, Simran, Bhoomi, Chef, etc. This association is definitely a healthy one for both parties.


Watching films for the Indian audience is mainly in theatres. Their key strength is the 70mm screen, which offers every film a larger-than-life perspective and the sound quality to support the big screen. A packed theatre can offer a cinema-goer much more than watching a film online can. It can never be replaced. It still holds the maximum collection variable for any producer. All you need to do in the theatre is sit with a tub of popcorn and enjoy the film for the next 3 hours.


The digital medium reaches a wide range of people and this audience ranges from 7-year-olds to 80-year-olds. Their choices are different. And it is just not the age but also the geography and technical knowledge that makes it important to cater all kinds of audiences. Thus the content that is delivered has to be timely, situational yet relatable to everyone. It’s a tough job but mostly achievable.


With such a large platform, we reach out to people in the remotest places in our country and also our international audience. We get to experiment with content and try and try till we succeed in winning the hearts of our target audience. With content just a click away, younger audience prefers using digital platforms to view and comment, helping us with instant feedback and replies.

T-Series, which keeps on supporting new talents and building new content, is achieving a lot with the digital boom. The team who worked on Mixtape received instant reactions to their project and are already acting on it while working on the content of their new season. Actors, musicians and singers realise the importance of digital platforms and happily support us in making content.

Also, just like India and overseas distribution, we have started selling the digital rights of our films to Amazon Prime. This helps in higher collection report, which results in better ROI. Also, the film reaches so many people that we are able to achieve our objective of entertaining everyone.

With low subscriber fees and so much content to explore, audience likes to access these portals and view content online. Our films are out of cinemas after a few weeks but then they are available to subscribers of these websites, once released digitally, making it easy to access any time, anywhere.

(Written by Bhushan Kumar, CMD, T-Series)

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