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Rishi Kapoor thinks that he may have forgotten acting!

When Rishi Kapoor left for New York to be treated for cancer,  noone knew when he would be back. But now that the actor is in remission, the date of his arrival seems to be nearing. Talking to a leading daily, the actor spoke at length about his health, his films and more. He is definitely eager to get in front of the camera, but there are some apprehensions in his mind, given hat he has been away for so long

He said “Right now, I can’t commit to anything as I don’t know when I am coming back. I want to do films at leisure. Not that anything is wrong with me or anything has changed. I am the same person, I have the same vigour. It is just that I need to come back and first get into the groove. I have been out of touch with films for a long time. I have had a couple of blood transfusions, so I keep joking with my wife that my blood has been changed. I keep wondering if something has changed in me."

The actor is committed to the two films that he had promsied to do before he left for New York. "I will definitely do the two films that I have committed to. One that I left off in Delhi and the other is a remake of a huge Bengali hit film. It’s a challenging role. The makers had come to see me here," he said

Of course he is vary of facing the camera again. "Maybe, I have forgotten acting! I have never stayed away from the camera for such a long time in my life. This has never happened in the last 45 years, except for the time that I directed 'Aa Ab Laut Chalen' (1999), which was also shot in New York,” he shared.

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-Rani Bohra.

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