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The up and coming singer of the current generation, Dhvani Bhanushali talks to Joanne D’silva about her latest single, Leja re

Dhvani Bhanushali has come out with a new single, the recreation of Leja re. Talking about her latest outing, she says, “When you listen to both the songs, the older version of Leja re sung by Shreya Ghoshal and the latest version sung by me have different vibes. We just retained the original feel of the song and changed everything else. So, of course, when the idea of Leja re came into the picture and we got to know that we were doing a remake of it, I was scared. Definitely, I cant match up to Shreya Ghoshal  Also, I’m a big fan of hers. Tanishk Bagchi made the track and it was completely different so then I thought I can add my own touch to it.”  

“I think it’s good to recreate an old track. If you can do a good job with it, then do it. But people say don’t touch a classic. I don’t think that can ever happen and there should be a limit of recreating old songs. There should be a blend of originals and recreational,” she further adds.

The young songstress also shares her experience of voicing Dilbar. “I think Dilbar gave me a break in Bollywood. That was the first time I actually sang for a Bollywood film. And I didnt really face any challenges. If you love something, you never think about the challenges that you face. You try to get irrespective of what people say. If you believe in yourself and if you know that youre good, you do whatever is in your power and do your best. For Leja re, it took me one month to get myself trained. But it was all worth it in the end.

“Tanishk is an older brother to me and he is really comfortable to work with. He is very supportive, a fun person to be around. It’s always nice to work with him,” she adds talking about composer Tanishk Bagchi.

On featuring in the music video of Leja re, Bhanushali says that she enjoyed it. “I loved it. Actually, it interested me to do a bit of acting and dancing. And you learn a lot of things. I love to learn and do multitasking at the same time. It was fun, but it was hectic as well. I used to work round the clock but I enjoyed it.”

The youngster is also fascinated with Western music. “I write a lot of English songs. And it’s always going to be a secret until someone explores that part of me and let me do it. I love international stars; they are amazing. In fact, I like the way they sing, the textures, the style; it inspires me a lot. I love the language, it connects to me more.”

Lastly, Dhvani Bhanushali also shares about what she is working on currently. “I’m working on my English songs but I don’t think I might release them anytime soon. Right now there is a lot of thing in the pipeline. I’m going to do both singles and movies songs.”

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