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Siddhant Behl, lead actor of Jugni, says that his biggest challenge was to do full justice to his role as a folk musician given that AR Rahman and Vishal Bhardwaj are part of the film too


I was born and brought up in Delhi. I loved sports while in school and college but I had a friend who was passionate about acting. While growing up with him, I too was attracted to the art. I joined a theatre group called Act One in Delhi and that’s where my acting career began.

Initial struggle

For every actor, getting that first break is a huge challenge. It was no different for me. When I shifted to Mumbai, instead of struggling to get roles, I started assisting directors on ad films and other projects. I needed to do that to support myself but I was also auditioning and looking for that one apt offer, which happened through Jugni. That’s how I bagged my first film.

On preparing

I didn’t have to do any research; all I had to do was follow my director’s instructions. My director is also a trained singer, so she helped me get into the character. For instance, she showed me the body language that a singer has while singing. All I did was follow her vision. She also showed me some videos of folk singers and I that’s how I prepped to get into the skin of my character.

The challenge

There was no specific challenge, as such, but I had to do justice to the film. The film is based on folk music and we have Vishal Bhardwaj and AR Rahman sir attached to the film. That was reason enough to do full justice to playing a folk musician. Being a music lover and going through all the videos and reading and watching their interviews, I have learnt that they all are passionate about music, whether English, hip-hop, pop or folk. When they sing, they sing from the heart.

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