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Ryan Reynold's Deadpool to be the first Fox hero to get his own Disney film?

Here’s good news for all Ryan Reynolds fans! Reportedly, the makers are gearing up for Deadpool 3. Speculations say that it might just be the last movie of the franchise. Fans, however, believe that the third instalment will be a happy surprise and will not mark the end of the superhero franchise. The lead actor said that Deadpool 3 will go into a completely different direction.

There were initial plans that the R-rated Deadpool and the Avenger universe will be merged. Ryan believes if the two worlds are merged, it would be quite messy and things might not turn out well.

Apart from Ryan’s announcement, there are not any official confirmations made yet. Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, gave a positive statement and said that he is okay to make more R-rated Deadpool movies in future.

The first two instalments of Deadpool that was made under 20th Century Fox have been acquired by Disney studios. Marvel Studios, hence, is in an awkward position and they are planning on how to bring the X-Men universe characters into the Marvel Comic Universe. Reportedly, the first Fox hero to get his own Disney film is Deadpool.

It is also being said that Reynolds will be playing the Merc with a Mouth, but it will be considered a different version of Deadpool than the one we saw in the Fox movies so far.

Watch this space for more updates.


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