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Salim Khan Pays Tribute To Yash Chopra

I have a lot of fond memories of Yash Chopra. We worked together on films likeDeewaar, Trishul and Kaala Patthar, and even Salman recently worked in Ek Tha Tiger under his banner. He was a genuine soul and a very gentle human being. He was obsessed with making films and he invested all his energy into making films. It won’t be fair to say that he made only romantic films because he made all kinds of movies. He was a complete filmmaker.

Even after delivering a flop, his spirit never waned and he was never discouraged. He also had an excellent sense of humour; he was a wonderful organiser; and he had a keen eye to identify talent. He was a simple human being; he loved to eat and loved to bond over food.

He invested all the money he made from his films back in the industry. Yash Raj Studios is an example of how he loved the industry and how he always wanted to give back. Yash laid the foundation and now his children will carry his legacy forward.

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