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Salman Khan loses his cool on Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli for shaming Rakhi Sawant

With the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes, the contestants are always on the edge to get feedback from the Master Host Salman Khan. Salman ensures that the housemates realize just how far they have gone and corrects their attitude with his useful advice.

This time, it is Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli who are at the receiving end of Salman Khan’s comments. In the previous episode, Jasmin Bhasin insulted Rakhi Sawant and spoke rudely about her looks. Jasmin, very casually commented on Rakhi’s looks and the two got into a heated argument. While Jasmin and Rakhi have always had a prickly relationship, this time it seems like Jasmin went a bit too far. Her alibi in this whole effort was Nikki Tamboli. Rakhi and Nikki, also, have not shared the best relationship this far in the show. When they recently had an argument, Nikki commented about Rakhi’s hygiene and was rather crude in her observations.

Well, when host Salman Khan takes the stage, he makes sure that he sets things right. Salman calls out Jasmin Bhasin for her rude comments towards Rakhi Sawant. When Jasmin tries to counter Salman with the fact that she was provoked into saying that, Salman Khan does not buy it at all! He tells her and Nikki very clearly that their attitude is not being appreciated one bit. He reminds them that they are on national television and that there is no reason to put someone down in such a harsh manner!

Will Jasmin and Nikki learn a lesson this time? How will their relationship with Rakhi pan out?


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