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Salman Khan Puts The Seniors and The Freshers in a Tough Spot

Somvaar Ka Vaar - One after the other, the numerous twists in the Bigg Boss game hints that the battle will only get more intense and tougher from here on. Still unconfirmed inside the Bigg Boss house, the contestants meet Salman Khan for Somvaar Ka Vaar with a hopeful heart and a prayer that there will be some exciting news for them.

Putting all the seniors in a challenging spot, Salman Khan asks Hina Khan, Gauahar Khan and Sidharth Shukla to choose one contestant who they believe is 'TV worthy' and why they think so. While the seniors agree to disagree on most things, Hina and Gauahar seem to be in sync. It is Sidharth Shukla who follows his own instincts, like always, to make his decisions without giving it a second thought or going back on his word.

In a pulse-racing moment, Salman Khan announces that the tussle for TBC to confirmed begins in the coming week. He asks each of them to nominate one contestant undeserving to be in the confirmed list along with their reasons for choosing them. While the freshers take full advantage of this opportunity to foam up the faces of their targets, the seniors face a tough time when it comes to putting their points across. Rubina, Jaan, Rahul and Abhinav end up becoming some of the obvious targets in this task. The freshers ends up with 4 votes each, making Sidharth Shukla responsible for taking the toughest decision of the week. Having won Sidharth's vote, Shehzad Deol becomes the 'Gayab' contestant of the house. Adding to that, Nikki and Shehzad are at loggerheads with each other, where again, Nikki makes it very clear that she thinks that Shehzad deserves to be out of the show soon.

It is finally time for the freshers to choose which seniors’ team they wish to choose to go ahead in the game ahead?

Who will join whose team? How will the game unfold as the new leg of the battle begins?

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