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San Joaquin International Film Festival

What’s It All About

The San Joaquin International Film Festival (SJIFF), founded in 2008 by Sophoan Sorn, is the benchmark cinema festival of California’s Central Valley. Every year, SJIFF brings new and award-winning films of master directors and emerging talents from around the world, featuring guest artistes on stage, premieres and programmes for the diverse audience. Since 2008, SJIFF and its year-round parent organisation – the San Joaquin Film Society – has presented over 150 screenings of films from 40 countries.

The 2013 selections include some of the best of recent world and independent American films making their first screenings in California’s Central Valley in Stockton: official entries from many countries vying for the 2013 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Watch Out For!

Cesare Deve Morire – Caesar Must Die (Opening Film) Directors: Paolo and Vittorio Taviani.

Inmates at a high-security prison in Rome prepare for a public performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. The film is Italy’s 2013 official Oscar entry.

L’enfant D’en Haut – Sister (Closing Film) Director: Ursula Meier.


Simon lives with his sister in a housing complex below a luxury ski resort, and provides for the two of them by stealing equipment from rich tourists to resell to the local kids. The film is Switzerland’s 2013 official Oscar entry.

Barbara, Director: Christian Petzold.


Set in East Germany in 1980, the film is about a talented young doctor who applies for an exit visa from Germany. Instead, he is banished to a small paediatric hospital in the country. The film is Germany’s 2013 official Oscar entry.

Chasing Ice, Director: Jeff Orlowski.

National Geographic photographer James Balog crosses the Arctic deploying time-lapse cameras to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers. The film is 2013 Oscar’s nominee for Documentary Feature.

Die Blechtrommel – The Tin Drum – Director’s Cut, Director: Volker Schlöndorff.

Oskar is wise beyond his age. Witnessing the hypocrisy of adulthood and society, he rejects both, and, on his third birthday, refuses to grow older. Winner
of 1980’s Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Ha-Shoter – Policeman, Director: Nadav Lapid


Policeman Yaron is part of the elite Israeli Anti-Terrorist unit. An encounter with young radicals confronts him with an Israeli class war as well as with the war within his own soul.

Io Sono Li – Shun Li And The Poet, Director: Andrea Segre.

The film revolves around the friendship between a Chinese woman and a Yugoslavian fisherman living in a small city-island in the Veneto Lagoon in Italy.

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