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Sanju bucks weekday trend, racks up strong numbers on Wednesday

Ranbir Kapoor-starrer Sanju continues to run strong across multiplex chains even midweek. Screens are witnessing very good occupancy and the figure is likely to increase with the evening and night shows. Programmers tell us that the film is invincible and is expected to rake in big numbers even on a Wednesday.

Amar Laykar, Programmer, PVR
Occupancy for the morning shows of Sanju was around 30 per cent today. Advance bookings look good. The collections at PVR have seen an 18-20 per cent drop from Monday, which is very natural. As is evident from the last two days, occupancy will pick up with the evening shows.

Rajender Jyala, Programmer, INOX
The morning shows ran 30-35 per cent full. Considering it is a Wednesday, the figures have exceeded our expectations. But the collections have seen a drop today when compared to the last two days. From INOX properties, collections will be 10 per cent less than they were yesterday.

Kaushal Srivastav, Programmer, Cinepolis
Occupancy was 28-30 per cent in our properties this morning. Looking at the advance booking, I expect Sanju to earn Rs 58-60 lakh today. Due to positive word of mouth, people are turning up in large numbers even on weekdays.

Rahul Kadbet, Programmer, Carnival
Sanju will continue to earn big even today. Occupancy for the morning shows was similar to what it was yesterday, when shows ran 40-42 per cent full. The rest of the shows will definitely see higher occupancy. According to me, Sanju will earn Rs 62-65 lakh in our chain today, and pan-India, the film around Rs 20 crore.

Meenu Singh, Programmer, SRS
The morning shows of Sanju ran 24-per cent full. I am expecting SRS to garner net collections of about Rs 25 lakh today. Across India, the film will continue to enjoy a strong run and earn approximately Rs 18 crore. The weekday figures for this film have surpassed all our expectations.

Yogesh Raizada, Programmer, Wave
The morning shows were 30-40 per cent full but occupancy will increase post-evening. The night shows are likely to witness 50-60 per cent occupancy, according to advance booking figures. I assume today’s collections from our chain will be quite good. The movie has been doing decent business since the week started.

Neeraj Ahuja, Programmer, Wide Angle
Sanju’s morning shows at Wide Angle saw 20-25 per cent occupancy today, which is definitely a drop compared to Monday. The evening shows, however, will continue to do well. After 7.30 pm, the shows will see 60-70 per cent occupancy. The collections will surely see a drop from yesterday. The film might garner Rs 2.75-3 lakh at our properties today.

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