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Saroj Khan's daughter reveals that Salman Khan helped in her son's heart surgery

 Saroj Khan, who was admitted with breathing complaints died of cardiac arrest at 1.52 am early on Friday. The choreographer has given us many iconic steps in her career spanning more than 40 years and also has choreographed on more than 2,000 songs in Bollywood. 

However, Saroj Khan's daughter Sukaina Khan in the interview with an entertainment website revealed that Salman helped when her son had to get heart surgery and also stood like a rock beside their family in difficult times. 

 "Salman Khan helped us for my son's operation. I had to take my son to Kerala for an open heart surgery and it was he who helped us with it completely, Mr Khan stood like a rock beside us and Sandhya (his teammate) got us in touch with him and we went through this together. He was there for us when we needed it and my mother also values that quality in him. So I don't know why people are still saying such negative things about him. He stands up for everyone and helps people in a lot of ways that others might not know about."

She also revealed that  Saroj ji always held Salman in high regard and kept him in her prayers. "I still remember a week before she got admitted in the hospital, she went in for namaaz and when she got up, I asked her if she prayed for us. She said she obviously prayed for her family but there was someone special she was praying for. When I asked her who it was, she said, it was Salman Khan. I looked at her and smiled. She told me that Salman sir is doing so much good for people around him but he's always taken in the wrong, which is what I don't understand. He isn't bad and people should just let him be. She wished him a long life and happiness." 

Saroj Khan is survived by three children namely - Hamid Khan, Hina Khan and Sukanya Khan.

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