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The title track Satyagraha (Rajiv Sundresan, Shivam Pathak, Shweta Pandit) is a remix of the popular bhajan Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram refurbished with Prasoon Joshi’s thought-provoking lyrics. The song starts well, conveying a feeling of rebellion and angst, but loses steam midway, only to end up as a routine remix.

Salim-Suleiman’s other composition works much better. Aiyo ji (Salim Merchant, Shraddha Pandit) is a classical melody fused with pulsating techno beats. Pandit makes a strong mark with her impeccable rendition of this sensuous number.

The stand-out track in the album is Aadesh Shrivatsava’s Raske bhare tore naina. Akin to his earlier composition Morey piya (Raajneeti), Srivatsava follows a similar fusion template here too – keeping the melody classical but wrapping it around a Western arrangement. Shafqat Amanat Ali is exquisite in his rendition of this semi-classical song and Arpita Chakravorty lends solid support with her backing vocals. The song has an easy, lounge feel and makes for great listening.

Indian Ocean’s Hum bhole the, intended to be an anthemic track, fails to stir any emotions. The only thing it offers is some excellent string work. Joshi’s satirical lyrics keep your interest in Hum bhole the (Rahul Ram, Amit Kilam, Himanshu Joshi) till it lasts, which otherwise is a situational track likely to be enjoyed only on the screen.

Verdict: Mixed bag.

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