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Satyameva Jayate opens to massive numbers on first day

John Abraham-starrer Satyameva Jayate witnessed occupancy of over 60 per cent during the morning shows. The numbers are likely to pick up with the evening and night shows, owing to positive word-of-mouth. We spoke to programmers from major multiplexes across the country who said the film’s opening numbers surpass all expectations.

Prasad Toraskar, Programmer, PVR

Satyameva Jayate opened to massive numbers today. It is way beyond our expectations. The morning shows at our chain ran almost 75 per cent full. People have turned up in large numbers to watch a full-blown commercial entertainer. After a long time, we have got to see a masala film. The word-of-mouth is good, which is really helping the film. It is likely to pick up and run 80 per cent full with the afternoon and night shows.                                                                                                                                                                               

Rajender Jyala, Programmer, INOX

To our surprise, Satyameva Jayate’s morning shows ran very well. At our properties, occupancy for the morning shows was about 70 per cent. Looking at the buzz and word-of-mouth, I assume that occupancy will increase in the evening and late night shows. The film should do very well all over the country today.

Nitin Tambat, Programmer, Carnival

The clash with GOLD has not deterred the performance of Satyameva Jayate at all. The morning shows witnessed occupancy of 70-75 per cent. August 15 is a very good day for any film to release. There is a high possibility that the afternoon shows will run 80 per cent full. Our expectations are quite high for the latter shows today. Never mind Tier II cities, the film is doing very well in A-class centres too.

Yogesh Raizada, Programmer, Wave

Satyameva Jayate took an 80-per cent opening this morning. The film is doing exceptionally well in the Tier II and Tier III cities of Uttar Pradesh. People want to see action films. The clash with GOLD is not affecting this film because they belong to two different genres. Being a national holiday today, the film has a very good chance of upping its numbers. The occupancy is not likely to drop with subsequent shows.

Amit Sharma, Programmer, Miraj

Satyameva Jayate has exceeded all our expectations and the morning shows ran more than 70 per cent full. If the film keeps doing good business, it is likely to garner Rs 15-16 crore. Looking at the audience turnout, ticket sales for the latter shows and positive word-of-mouth, this action thriller is expected to earn Rs 38 lakh at our chain.

Kaushal Srivastav, Programmer, Cinepolis

We had a certain figure in mind that was dictated by the advance booking. But the occupancy of Satyameva Jayate’s morning shows surpassed all our assumptions and was as much as 75 per cent. Moreover, the number almost touched 80 per cent in the afternoon shows. I am very positive that the film will continue to do well with the night shows too. John Abraham’s action-packed sequences make this a paisa vasool film. 

Hiren Patel, Programmer, Wide Angle

We knew that Satyameva Jayate would perform well in Tier II cities. But who knew that it would surpass all our expectations! Occupancy for the films in the first half of the day was around 70 per cent. We have high hopes from the night shows too. People were very excited about the film, and it has delivered and met their expectations.

- Titas Chowdhury

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