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Say No To Goats, Dogs and Bullock Carts

Is it a crime to pet a goat? Nah! But if you’re in the reel world, getting touchy-feely with animals – any animal – needs the green signal from the Animal Welfare Board.

Deepak Balraj Vij’s film Maalik Ek, which has passed the litmus test of the Censor Board, is still in the cans. Though the censors have cleared the film with a U certificate and without any cuts, Vij has been asked to secure a no-objection certificate from the Animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai, as a precondition for release.


There are three potentially contentious scenes that are actually pretty innocuous. One of them stars Jackie Shroff, who’s playing Sai Baba, who is resting his hand on the head of a goat. There’s also a scene in which a bunch of kids is riding in a bullock cart. Then, like a cruel joke, a dog wandered uninvited onto the sets while Vij was shooting a vital scene that cannot be deleted!

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