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Shabaash! You can do it!

The transformation of an underdog college boy to a winner is a plot used many times earlier, but the closest one to Shabaash! You can do it! is Waqt Hamara Hai (1993) starring Akshay Kumar, Suneil Shetty, Ayesha Julka and Mamta Kulkarni.

The visuals in the beginning credits of the film are itself very confusing which indicates what is going to follow. Neil, a physically weak, asthmatic boy, joins a college mid-term and is ragged by Vikram and his girlfriend Gracy. Neil, encouraged by the yoga teacher Siddharth, challenges Vikram for the annual dance competition. The twist comes when Gracy, commits suicide and leaves a note stating that she has been raped by Siddharth. Neil believes in his guru and participates in the competition while simultaneously trying to find evidences of Siddharth’s innocence. What happens thereon makes the rest of the story.

The screenplay writers, Arsh Rana and Fateh Khan, seem to be so perplexed that they get lost in the plot. The scenes are disconnected and one wonders where the story is heading. The characterisation is pathetic so one observes a yoga teacher who shouts and screams during normal circumstances but remains calm and composed in the jail when he is being convicted for a heinous crime of raping his student. There is no continuity. For instance, Neil, who requires the nebuliser (he is asthmatic) in the initial scenes suddenly transforms into a healthy and strong guy without any explanation. There are several scenes thrown in between the film where some seven to eight yoga disciples perform yoga mudras without any logic or relevance to 
the sequences.

The yoga teachings which are given by the guru time and again make no sense in any of the sequences. The film has many absurd situations like the one where Mahie, one of the heroines (who cannot complete her tune because of absence of romantic love in her life) is seen completing her tune instead of attending to her love (who is lying unconscious due to drowning). The inspector and constable duo, who are supposed to be a comic relief, irritates all the time. 
There is lack of technical detailing and hence most of the scenes are out of focus. The lighting is very poor; the dialogues are ridiculous and make no sense. The songs (mostly in English) are awful and the picturisation is worse except the title track. The intense scenes are shot in a 
juvenile way like the one where Vikram introduces Gracy to his father or the one where Neil and Vikram are talking about the dance competition. The editing is full of technical errors.
All actors are immature and there is no chemistry between any of the two lead pairs. The director though has taken a very safe subject but still has messed up badly.

For the film’s box office prospects, not saying anything will be kind enough.

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