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Shah Rukh Khan does his bit to reduce plastic pollution on Ted Talks India Nayi Baat

Star Plus’ show TED Talks India Nayi Baat season 2 that launched on Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday, 2nd November. The actor had an inspiring list of speakers and performers. In the upcoming week, the audience will witness another motivating speaker called Mani Vajipey, who is a recycler and is the Co-Founder and CEO of Banyan Nation, a technology-driven recycling company.

Mani Vajipey is doing his bit to save the environment. His company, Banyan Nation, uses mobile technology to work with thousands of informal recyclers in collecting discarded plastics. They have developed proprietary plastic cleaning technology that converts collected plastic waste into virgin quality recycled granules that global bands can use for packaging.

Following his idea and passion, Shah Rukh Khan was very impressed with his thought of reducing plastic and using it towards saving the environment. Right after Mani’s motivating speech, the veteran actor Shahrukh Khan stepped on to the stage and shared, “We will send all the plastics used onset to Mani so that he can recycle it.” Furthermore, Shah Rukh Khan even questioned Mani, if he is earning well by following his passion to which Mani nodded with a huge smile. Shah Rukh Khan said, “I always believe in following your passion. Do good work and earn from it.”

Well, this indeed will bring some change to our environment!

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