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Sharad Malhotra: Without Covid, I wouldn’t have realised that there are so many people who love me!

The new normal today is that people congratulate you on testing negative,” says Sharad Malhotra, who tested positive for Covid-19 a fortnight ago. He was in quarantine at home and calls it one of the tough phases of his life.“I lost my grandmother and my dog during this time and it was really hard to be all alone in a room.

It was nightmarish. Luckily, my wife, Ripci, has been taking good care of me and also ensuring I eat healthy food. But when I got the bad news, I couldn’t hold her or even touch her hand. It was the worst feeling in the world that I couldn’t even sit next to her. That’s what emotionally drained me, more than the physical symptoms of Covid-19. The day my reports said I was Covid free, I woke her up and hugged her,” says the Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki actor.  Though he faced setbacks, Malhotra urges people not to be scared of Covid and get tested when they feel any symptoms. “I had heard that, at times, people are hesitant of finding out but that’s the responsible thing to do. There is nothing to be scared of. Other than prescribed medicines, I would have kadha and steam twice and day and check my oxygen levels daily as well,” he shares.

The actor admits that he will remember this experience for the rest of his life. He was able to retrospect and introspect about his life. “I recalled a number of memories sitting all by myself. After a while, self-isolation gets to you as you don’t know what to do. A number of people reached out to me asking after my health and I even learnt that my fans were fasting for my health. It was so humbling to experience such unconditional love. I am feeling so much gratitude as I am overwhelmed. Without Covid, I wouldn’t have realised that there are so many people who love me. Money, fame, work is secondary but the love of your closed ones is to be cherished,” says the actor, who is raring to get back to his daily show, Nagin 5. 

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