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Shiboprosad- Nandita’s next directorial not Belashuru?

Director duo Shiboprosad and Nandita’s last release Konttho was well-received by critics as well as audiences. The duo has always given content-rich films and their next release was expected to be Belashuru. A Windows Production, the shooting of the film started in November 2018 with a release date in October 2019.

But now a tweet from the official handle of the production house has raised an interesting question. They posted an image with the text ‘Maanusher prokrito gowtro ki?’ meaning ‘What is caste man born into?’ and also prompted the Twitterati to express their opinion about the same. This had led to speculations that their next film may be Gowtro!

Nandita had actually hinted at another film besides Belashuru when she spoke to Box Office India about their future projects. She said, “We are making a sequel to BelaSeshe called Belashuru. We are also planning another film very soon. Hopefully, we will be ready with it by the end of this year. “

While we don’t have any official confirmation if it is Gowtro, it is assured that this director duo will definitely come up with something new and interesting.

In an exclusive conversation with Box Office India prior to the release of Konttho, Shiboprosad had this to say about the films they make, “We want to keep getting better. We also make sure we are not in our comfort zone because that will not always work. We want to keep pushing our boundaries and venture into unknown territory, where we do not know what will happen. That is a fun challenge.”

While we wait for updates on this, you stay tuned to Box Office India for the latest from the world of entertainment.

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