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Shor In The City

Confusing is the word that best sums up this film. This is an episodic film with three episodes and all three of them are interconnected. The characters, wittingly or unwittingly bump into each other and end up doing something good for each other.

To start with, this film was initially made with the festival circuit in mind. Perhaps after getting a few rave reviews overseas, the makers decided to add some masala and present the film for commercial viewing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this project has any commercial prospects. There’s nothing to hold your attention; it is not entertaining; and the film does not send out any message.You keep expecting a twist here, a turn there, but nothing! You end up kicking yourself for wasting precious time. The worst part is, it isn’t even an art cinema.

Shor In The City revolves around three stories in Mumbai during Ganeshotsav. Sendhil Ramamurthy is forced to come to terms with the fact that he is alone in an unwelcoming city he thought was home. Tusshar Kapoor is an honest man who cons people with his unruly buddies Nikhil Dwivedi and Pitobash. They chance upon some loot on a local train, which opens up new and dangerous avenues for them. Sundeep Kishan has only one obsession: To get into the Mumbai Junior Cricket team. But in a city where corruption is a way of life, the goal comes at a price – he needs to find the money first.

Apart from complete confusion, the film moves at snail’s pace. Tusshar is an honest guy so why is he ganging up with Nikhil and Pitobash? And why does Pitobash act like a maniac throughout the film?

Sundeep’s character leaves too many questions unanswered. Also, in most scenes, the trio is travelling on a bike and the monotony quite literally leaves you fatigued. The bank robbery scene has been picturised very incompetently. Is it really so easy to rob a bank? Besides, Tusshar’s escape scene is absurd while the bomb sequence makes you go, “huh”?

Director duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D K made an impressive debut with 99 but, this time, they’re not in their element. Confused between art-house cinema and commercial cinema, the end product is dull. Camerawork is not up to the mark and sometimes is even out-of-focus. The climax is the biggest letdown. Though there’s no real scope for music (Sachin-Jigar), two songs are praiseworthy – Saibo and Karma is a bitch.

Performance-wise, Tusshar Kapoor is good but why is he grumpy and tense throughout the film? Nikhil Dwivedi is fantastic. Pitobash is good but, at times, he overacts. Sendhil Ramamurthy has great screen presence but, as an actor, he’s just about average. Radhika Apte has nothing to do. Ditto for Preeti Desai and Girija Oak. Zakir Husain is first-rate.

Verdict: Though made on a shoestring budget, the film’s theatrical business will be disappointing. It opened with a below-expectations response. The audience has already rejected the film and there’s no chance of collections going up.

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