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• Prateik Babbar’s grandma never liked his mother Smita Patil doing commercial films as she was dead set against them. Similarly, Manya, his aunt, wants him to do only “sensible” films.

• After a hiatus of five years, director Homi Adjania will be making a comeback. We hear he has already signed Imran Khan to play the main lead.

• Believe it or burp, Jiah Khan is going to be a rock singer. She’s planning to have her own band too!

• We’re told: One of Jaya Bachchan’s long-standing desires is that her husband do a version of Becket, a period film based in old London adapted from a French play. But in its original format.

• Farhan Akhtar is all set to start the sequel to Don in September. We’re told this film is Shah Rukh Khan versus Priyanka Chopra. Wow!!!

• Apparently, Mukesh Bhatt is not too happy with Emraan Hashmi signing films outside Vishesh Films. So he’s decided to start multiple projects with Hashmi in the lead.


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