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Shraddha Kapoor hits 51 million followers: 5 reasons why the actor is among the top three most-followed celebrities on the Indian social media!

The gorgeous multi-talented actress Shraddha Kapoor has a colossal fan-following and one needs to look no further than her social media page to witness that fact.  She has won over the hearts of many followers as the actress shares her beautiful off-screen real persona on social media which leaves the audience in awe with every post!

Recently, the actress's Instagram account hit a jaw-dropping number of 51 million followers! It is a huge milestone that she has reached and she is the only one from her generation and league to reach such a ginormous number of followers. There are numerous reasons as to what makes her social media handle so riveting! However, here are the 5 main ones:

1) The relatability factor: The audience can actually relate to how she is in her personal life and her social media gives a good glimpse of it. The actress does not shy away from giving her own personal touch to her social media which makes her posts all the more compelling.

2) Common People’s actress: Each of Shraddha's films are box office hits and attain huge numbers in the cinemas, however, but even the massive number of followers on her Instagram handle are testimony to that fact! The 'Aam Aadmi' loves and admires her simplicity and genuine nature!

3) Shraddha's pet dog Shyloh and her love for animals: She shares snippets of her pet which the viewers just find adorable and heart-warming. Her love for her pet and animals, in general, cannot go unnoticeable by anyone on her handle. Apart from that, Shraddha's virtuous side is visible from the fact that she voices her opinion on animal cruelty which is what connects her to a large number of people.

4) 'Behind the scenes' from her film shoots - When working for her films the actress has some of the most memorable moments and some of those moments are shared on her social media! Whether it was learning dance during ABCD or Street Dancer or sharing her workout videos before film shoots, she shares these snippets with her fans and keeps them updated on the work front and upcoming films, all via her social media!

5) Goofy side of Shraddha: She never fails to brighten up the moods of the audience with her radiant positivity. The happy, giggly, goofy sides of the actress on her social media always leaves the audience with positivity and awe!

The actress uses the platform of social media for inspiring others with the value of kindness, being conscientious about the environment, and much more. Shraddha knows how impactful social media can be and having that much influence over her audience, she utilizes it effectively and in the most positive way possible which is what makes her social media all the more awe-inspiring!

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