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Siddhant Issar is super excited about his next Short Film - Sanghaar The Massacre

Who is Siddhant Issar, The Writer Director and Actor of -  SanghaarTheMassacre ? 


Siddhant Issar is an upcoming Actor Writer And Director. He is the son of Vetran Actor, Writer and Director - Puneet Issar.


 Siddhant is a third generation bollywood child. His paternal grandfather Sudesh Issar was a Director and his Maternal Grandfather Daljeet Puri was a famous Punjabi and Writer actor from the 50s and 60s while his Maternal Uncle Stayjeet Puri was a famous child actor Master Satyajeet in the 70s.


Siddhant started his career as an AD in several Hindi and Punjabi films as an assistant director and writer.. He has also recieved pursued Theatre from a very young age. 


What has Siddhant Done ? 


Siddhant set the stage on fire as Duryodhan in live theatre play Mahabharat an epic tale. He also co wrote this Broadway style Magnum opous with his father.  Mahabharat An Epic Tale remains one India's most successful live theatre play to date. Siddhant recieved a lot of praise for his splendid, power-packed, energetic and firey performance as Duryodhan. From 2018 to 2020, the show Mahabharat was staged nearly 150 times, before the lockdown suspended live theatre 


Last year Siddhant also directed and acted in Short Film Resurrection Jaago Aur Jiyo. The film was made entirely during the lockdown and was based on Suicide Prevention. The film won several awards internationally and also recieved very positive reviews. 


What is Sanghaar The Massacre About ??


Sanghaar The Massacre is a short film which Opposes violence against peaceful sages and Condemns a animal cruelty of all kinds, especially cow slaughter. 


Sanghaar The Massacre stars Siddhant Issar in the lead. Interestingly it also features his father Puneet Issar in a pivotal role. The young lad has directed his father. The title track of the film has been sung by Kailash kher. The cast also includes - Gufi Paintal, Satyajeet Puri, Sagar Salaunkey, Vijaeyta Donnie Bharadwaaj and Ridhima Rakesh Bedi (Daughter of Rakesh Bedi).


Where and When can you watch Sanghaar The Massacre? 


 Sanghaar The Massacre will be made available on YouTube Channel - Showman Theatre Productions.. It releases on 16th April 2021.

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