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Siddhanth Kapoor: Comedy comes organically to me

Siddhanth Kapoor on the prep that went behind his role in upcoming film, Bombairiya, that also stars Radhika Apte

How did you come to be part of the Bombairiya cast? 

I became part of the film because of the story. It was purely chaotic and based on the life of a person who lives in Bombay. The producers were really nice and I was keen on working on this film. The automatic product of working with good people is going to result in something nice so that's how I came aboard. I said yes to it the moment I heard the script because it is also written really nicely.  

What was it about the story that grabbed your attention and you instantly decided to be part of it?

The content of the story, obviously. A movie with good content is what really matters and this film had that. Not just that, It is one big story with several characters. who are really interesting. So yes that's what grabbed my attention. 

How was the experience working with Radhika Apte and the director, Pia Sukanya? 

Oh, it was amazing. We all have seen Radhika Apte's work and she is great. I really liked working with Pia (Sukanya) too. I adore her as a person and she is very talented so it was really nice working with her.


Picture Credits: Siddhanth Kapoor's Instagram

We will we be seeing you in a different avatar in Bombariya, so what prep did you undergo for your character in the movie? 

I like to try out different characters and experiment with my roles. As for the prep, I don't do much generally. I just try to step into the shoes of the character. For my prep, I met some delivery boys who do these jobs that my character is seen doing in the film. The film is all about angadia boys so I had to learn how these people operate to get into my character. 

Is comedy a difficult genre? 

I don't think so. I love comedy and I don't need to prepare for it, it just comes very organically to me. 

What can we expect from the film? 

Expect the unexpected. That's all I can say. It going to be a really interesting watch and the things that happen to these characters is going to keep you entertained. 

And, finally, what does 2019 look like for you? 

It looks really beautiful. I am soon going to work on a web series also. There is a lot of things happening for me right now so I am just looking forward to it. 

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