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Simmba starts strong, will go from strength to strength

Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan-starrer Simmba had generated a lot of buzz even before its release. And a day after it hit theatres, the film’s numbers are climbing. We spoke to exhibitors of major multiplex chains across the country, who told us that occupancy levels are increasing with every passing show. They also shared their expectations from the film and the numbers they expect it to bring in today and tomorrow. 

Yogesh Raizada, VP, Wave Cinemas

The initial occupancy of Simmba was about 30 per cent, thanks to the extremely cold weather gripping North India right now. In view of this, the initial occupancy was fine as was the response. Occupancy today is better than it was yesterday as it is a Saturday. The film has picked up nicely and today’s occupancy is an average 70 per cent. This is more than double the initial occupancy. The first weekend will be very good.

Tinku Singh, Group President and CSO, SRS Cinemas

Occupancy for Simmba was 54 per cent this morning, which is definitely better than it was yesterday. We do not predict collections in rupee terms but in terms of admits, which is basically footfalls. There were around 15,000 admits yesterday and we are expecting 22,000 today, at an average price of Rs 140-150 per ticket. Yesterday, we earned around Rs 18 lakh in our properties. Today, we should end with Rs 22-25 lakh in collections. As for tomorrow, Sunday, the numbers will surely go up. We think the film, overall, will touch the Rs 50-55-crore mark during the first weekend.

Hiren Patel, Exhibitor, Wide Angle

Saturday morning saw good business for Simmba. In the early shows today, we had 225-seat occupancy in a 500-seat theatre. The night shows are doing very well. The response today is better than it was yesterday, and we are hoping that tomorrow will be even better. We should earn Rs 5.5 lakh today and more tomorrow New Year is a long weekend for many. The holiday will work wonders for the film.

Satadeep Saha, Exhibitor, SSR Cinemas

The performance of Simmba in our region has been fantastic! I am distributing the film in West Bengal too. The first-day occupancy here was around 40 per cent. But the way things are going, it will be around 60 per cent today. I have broken all records. This movie has the highest number of theatre releases in West Bengal. We have only 300 cinemas in West Bengal and the movie has been in released in 227. The numbers are obviously going to rise today. I think on day two, Simmba will collect around Rs 25-26 crore pan-India. And in West Bengal, I am expecting around Rs 1.35 crore today. Tomorrow, I think the film will touch Rs 30 crore as it is a Sunday. The movie is good and the word-of-mouth is good. The issues raised in this film have struck chord with all kinds of movie-goers.

Devang Sampat, Director of India’s Strategic Initiative, Cinepolis 

The occupancy of Simmba was very good this morning and it has been growing with every successive show. I am expecting 30-per cent growth today, at least. In my opinion, the collections today should be 30 per cent more than they were yesterday. Tomorrow’s shows will pick up further. The reports surrounding the film are great, which is helping its earnings. It is a long weekend, so the film will definitely earn big. 

Pushkaraj Chaphalkar, Exhibitor, Citypride

Simmba is holding steady. The occupancy is same as it was yesterday. Today’s morning shows ran about 70 per cent full. Since the reports are good and word-of-mouth is strong, I expect the film to garner around Rs 27-28 crore today, pan-India. From our property, Simmba is likely to earn about Rs 30-35 lakh today.  The occupancy levels will increase as the day progresses. It should pick up tomorrow as it is Sunday.

It is a long holiday weekend and the film has the opportunity to earn huge business till January 1, 2019. Since the first weekend has a long holiday spanning five days, collections should cross Rs 120 crore by January 1, end of day. What works in Simmba’s favour is that there is no competition. Zero is down and out. There are no other Hindi releases either.


- Titas Chowdhury


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