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Singham – Music Review

It’s evident that director Rohit Shetty does not want to distract his audience with too many songs and dances in his forthcoming actioner Singham – the soundtrack has only three original compositions! Shetty also throws a surprise with his choice of music director. Instead of signing on big, popular names from Bollywood, he’s roped in National Award winning Marathi music directors Ajay and Atul Gogavale to compose these three tunes.

Saathiyaa (Shreya Ghoshal, Ajay Gogavale) is an immediate winner. The spotlight is entirely on Shreya and she infuses this Indian melody with a sweetness that’s become her trademark now. Music director Ajay provides the backing vocals and adds a new colour to this extremely easy on the ear composition. Kirkire’s words are soaked in romance and add to the appeal to this hummable song. The remix version doesn’t disappoint either.

Title track Singham (Sukhwinder Singh), which starts off with a shloka is a lavish production replete with drum rolls, lion roars and a chorus that culminates in an operatic frenzy. Sukhwinder brings the desired energy to this celebratory, almost war cry kind of song. But once heard and you can easily draw parallels to the title track of Dabangg and Omkara.

Maula Maula (Kunal Ganjawala, Richa Sharma) is a blend of Sufi and modern mainstream film music. It’s a surprise to hear Kunal render such a song, since he mostly does stylised contemporary compositions.Richa, who’s a pro in this genre of music, is mellow and effective. Maula is by no means outstanding but makes for a pleasant and soothing hearing.

Verdict: A notch above ordinary

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