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Jassie Gill, noted singer and now actor, talks to Joanne D’Silva about his latest single Surma kaala and the independent music scene today

Being a singer and an actor, Jassie Gill is multi-talented. The artiste has come a long way from being a star in the Punjabi industry to making his debut to Bollywood, with films like Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi and the upcoming Kangana Ranaut-starrer, Panga.

When we spoke to him about his journey, which started in 2011, he said, “I didn’t know that I wanted to become a singer. Even today, I don’t think I’m a brilliant singer but I always wanted to do something big in my life. I was always interested in music, so when I was in college I started performing for the youth music festival. I had no idea people would like my work.

“In those times we had to cut an album, while these days it is okay to have singles. When I came out with my music album, people loved one of my tracks. So, anyone who used to listen to Punjabi songs were aware that there is a singer called Jassie Gill. It was at this point that I thought I should make my career in music. I examined what suited me best, what the audience liked to listen to. It has been seven years and I am still learning!” 

Gill has just released his latest single called Surma kaala, which is already a hit with his fans. Talking about how this song was conceived, he shares, “The song is simple, where the girl puts surma and she is trying to impress boys. You can see the same thing in the music video as well. I make my own music. And, as I said, it has been seven years for me, so my main focus is what my audience is all about and how they react to my music. So, before making a track, I think long and hard before I prep for it. Surma kaala came after Nikle currant and all I thought about was making sure the audience would like it. I love listening to melodious tracks, so in this case, I released this song because I love Surma kaala’s melody.” 

Gill shares a special relationship with his fans and, of course, social media makes it possible. “I feel lucky as I have amazing fans. Every day, I check my hashtags on my social media accounts and my fans surprise me with paintings etc. If I can’t reply to them, I definitely do like them. I’m glad I came into this field and I thank all my supporters,” says the singer-actor.

The video of the song features Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty. Gill talks about her involvement in the track. “I met Rhea at the premiere of my film, Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi but we didnt speak much then. I met her again during the shoot of Surma kaala’s music video. She worked wholeheartedly and put in a lot of hard work. This is why our music is getting so many ‘likes’

“I like people who send out a positive vibe. And, whoever has been a part of my life has always been positive. I must say that these people have played a big part in my success and the main reason is that they are positive,” he added.

The song has names like the rapper Snappy and artiste Jass Manak associated with it. On collaborating with them, the performer says, “Jass Manak is a good singer-songwriter and I’m a big fan of his singing. He wrote the lyrics for Surma kaala and later we went to Snappy. And in two weeks, the track was ready and we planned the music video.”

Jassie Gill has had a lot of success in the independent music scene and is excited to shed light on it. “Artistes like me get a chance to explore themselves. And a lot of Punjabi songs feature in Bollywood films as well. The single releases earlier and later it is featured in the film, so it gets much bigger. And, in Punjab, new music composers, vocalists, songwriters get good work to do.” 

Ask him what’s next for him, and he says, “I’m currently working on my film, Panga, which will release in January next year. The shoot is still on and we have one more schedule to wrap up. So, we will be shooting in Kolkata and I’m really excited about this film. I’m also coming up with a lot of music which will release soon.”

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