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Young singer Dhvani Bhanushali shares her experience with Bhavi Gathani about featuring in a single with Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa. 

How did Ishaare tere happen?

I got a call from T-Series, who said it was a project with Guru Randhawa. I said that I would definitely do it. I was very excited. Then we went to Abhijit Vaghani’s studio and recorded the vocals. We worked together really well. I feel blessed to have got this project.

There is an EDM feel to this song. Why do you think this genre is not much explored here?

These days, all remakes and dance numbers have some sort of EDM. It’s pretty much working in the Indian Bollywood industry. The music industry is using different sounds today.

How was your experience singing with Guru Randhawa?

It was amazing. He is an amazing person. Initially, I thought he is ‘Guru Randhawa’ but he makes you feel at ease. He is a very sweet person to work with. I had a lot of fun shooting with him.

What is it about this song that makes it different from the other songs that you have sung?

I started out with Ishtehaar, which has a pathos feel to it. Then Dilbar happened. Ishaare tere is a party number. Maybe the song is very catchy and people seem to like the hook and the music piece in it. That’s how I think it works for us and with the audience.

How do you choose your music projects?

When I listen to a song and I like it, I will definitely do it. It doesn’t matter who the composer is or who my co-singer is. Of course, I have worked with Guru sir and it’s been amazing but it’s not that I look for who the artiste is or who has made the song. I will do the song if I love the melody. If I connect with it, I do it.

You have featured in the video of a song for the first time. Can you share that experience with us?

Yes, this is the first video I have done. At first, I was a little hesitant and was camera conscious. I was overwhelmed by the environment on the set. I felt like that for the first one and a half or two hours. But then I was made to feel comfortable. There were lovely people on the set and Gifty sir, who is the director, taught me really well. Feroz (Khan) sir taught me dance for three days and we had rehearsals. They made the environment quite comfortable and we shot very well and I shed the fear of the camera. I think it turned out well and everyone liked it.

How was the response from people around you?

People I know have liked the song. I am in my last year of college and all my friends and teachers, everyone likes the song. It’s an amazing feeling when you do something and people around you love it or appreciate it. Plus, in college, people I didn’t know said to me, ‘You sang this song!’ It’s an amazing feeling when they say good things about what you do.

Is it any different when you are singing for singles vis-à-vis singing for films?

It’s not different, it’s just that you have to give one hundred per cent to every song. I don’t treat them differently. I put the same effort into a film song as I would do for a single. You need to pour your soul into it.

How did Dilbar happen and how was your experience doing it?

For Dilbar, basically I just went to record a scratch to Tanishk Bagchi sir. The voice, the tonality, really went with the song, according to him. So they retained my vocals. I went basically for a cue track. I didn’t record with Neha (Kakkar) ma’am. I did my part, and I think I recorded before her maybe because there was just this cue track at that point. After that, maybe she lent her vocals. I have never met her, but our voices blended well in the song.

Are there any plans of getting into acting?

I don’t know. I am still studying and I want to focus on my music. But if a wonderful project comes along and I am convinced of the story and I think I can pull it off, I would do it.

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