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Sisters Tulsi Kumar and Khushali Kumar collaborate once again for the T-Series single Raat kamaal hai. The musical duo talks to Bhakti Mehta about their latest number, collaborating with Guru Randhawa and much more

Bhakti Mehta (BM): This wasn’t the first time you have come together for a sensational song.

Khushali Kumar (KK): Tulsi has been my voice every single time.

Tulsi Kumar (TK): We’ve been doing singles since 2015. We came out with Mainu ishq da lagya rog, where I was the voice and she featured in the video. Then, there was an emotional track called Mere papa, which was a dedication to our father Shri Gulshan Kumar. We also collaborated with another Punjabi artiste Raftaar for a song called Mera highway star, which once again had both of us together. There was also a romantic single, Ek yaad purani, in which we featured together. And now there is Raat kamal hai, where we have collaborated with Guru Randhawa.

BM: What is it like to collaborate with your sibling?

KK: I think it is great because she understands me very well.

TK: Yes, now we have developed a working relationship with each other.

KK: Her voice is actually so compatible with me and my body language. It just suits me so well on screen. I have a 5-year-old nephew who thinks it is me who is singing on screen. It is just so amazing to see people believe this because her voice gels with my on-screen personality so well. And I have been listening to her since childhood. She would do riyaaz since we were kids. I know her personality and she knows mine. She knows who I am, the way I feel, the way I dress and that is what she tries to get into the song.

TK: It also helps me to grow creatively as an artiste when I work with her. I understand her and the emotion of the song that we are doing. We work very closely, and it helps to discuss things with each other because we are sisters. It helps me become a better artiste. It strengthens our bond beyond work too. But, yes, we also have our creative differences from time to time.

BM: That was actually my next question. How do you deal with creative differences?

TK: I think it is human nature to have different ideas and opinions on certain things.

KK: It is becoming easier and easier because we have been working together on many projects. We have a rhythm going. Things are much smoother now than when we did our first song together.

BM: What was it like working with Guru Randhawa?

KK: It was a delight to work with him. His songs are really good and this one is also truly amazing. Tulsi had met him and they both said that they wanted to do something together. She had already made a scratch and when it was kind of ready, I got on board. With my acting and designing, she thought I could add a different aspect with style and glamour. In fact, she actually gifted me this song on my birthday which was a big surprise. I met Guru and he is creatively very enthusiastic, very involved. We clicked in the very beginning and went forward from there.

BM: Tulsi, your sister said that you conceived the idea of this song.

TK: I have been wanting to experiment and try out my voice in different genres. My forte and comfort zone has been largely romantic and sad romantic songs. Coming out with these peppy, dance numbers plus the collaboration with Guru… it was great to see how our voices gelled. When Guru played the song for me, I really thought I could do justice to the track. Here, my music is edgy and crude. Everyone who has heard the song has said that Tulsi is sounding very different. It captures various sounds from around and looks very grungy. I have taken it to the lower notes, which makes the voice different.

BM: Khushali, we see you showing off some killer dance moves for this song at some interesting locations.

KK: It was just as much fun as the video suggests. That is how your energy transforms onto the screen. We shot at a beautiful night club in Delhi and then went to the lakeside and mountainside in Lavasa. It was very romantic because the song changes themes and goes from rocking to romance with a change of location. It was really fun! We were shooting till late but everyone was energised because the song is so upbeat.

BM: And what will we see the Kumar sisters collaborating on next?

KK: There is a nice, soulful and romantic song. I’m not going to reveal much about it because I have already shot for it.

TK: Yes, it will be out soon. We hope to talk to you and Box Office India again for it.

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