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Small But Memorable

Sumeet Samnani on his short and sweet role in Sultan and how his patience finally paid off

On Bagging Sultan

I have been auditioning for three to four years but have never been successful. Finally, one day, I got a call saying I had been signed for a big banner film but I didn’t know which one it was. I learnt it was Sultan only much later. I was very emotional because when you don’t get work and don’t get to do what you want to do, there comes a time when your patience pays off.

On His Role

I simply followed what my director asked me to do. My character had a happy touch, where I have to convince my father to become Sultan’s sponsor. I have been shown as this young Delhi guy who loves to be famous, which makes thing easier for Amit Sadh to convince me. Somewhere down the line, I too begin to have faith in Sultan. Being Indian, we always support an Indian player over anyone else. So that was the key thought.

On Salman Khan

It was like a dream coming true when I got to meet Salman sir. He made me comfortable on the very first day. Then when you start working with him, you start loving him because he is a gem. He made sure everyone around him was comfortable so that the film flowed seamlessly.

On Television

I started my career with television where my first show was Kalash. It was my first time in front of the camera and in the initial days it was very scary because I used to get nervous but I would say television helped me a lot to grow as an actor and also as a human being. In television we are constantly beating the deadline and under that pressure one has to deliver his best shot.

Patience Pays

Everyone struggles to get that right project where he or she can perform the best and thereon the industry takes notice. I believe my best is yet to come. Yes I had my own struggles like when I was shortlisted but a day before every time I was told next time. But as elders always say, ‘whatever happens, happen for the best’ and as I waited for that right film Sultan was offered to me.

On Response

When everyone says so many good things about you, it’s overwhelming. Although it was a small role, people did notice me. The response is outstanding; everyone is messaging me, even on social media. It’s a very great feeling when people talk about your work, they liked the comic angle in my character.

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