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So Many Shades Of Grey

There was a time when the protagonist always took centre stage in rustic, performance-driven films like Babumoshai Bandookbaaz but the tables seem to have turned. Undoubtedly, while leading man Nawazuddin Siddiqui was in top form in the movie, one of the shining stars of the film –  Jatin Goswami – proved his worth with a significant role. Here he is, in conversation with Anusha Bhattacharya.


My character in the film is kind of morally bankrupt and he comes from the margins of society, where there is no right or wrong, or white or black. Everything is dipped in grey. There’s nothing ideal in his world, he can do anything to earn money as he’s not educated. He comes from that part of society where crime is simply taken for granted. But he is very ambitious and focused about that. He wants to grow in whatever he is doing because, eventually, he wants to be big and successful like his guru Babu (Nawazuddin Siddiqui).


I come from a middle-class, educated background, so it wasn’t easy to think like my character, Baake. Getting into that mind space and playing a character that is so raw and animalistic was my biggest challenge.


Kushan was very clear about the kind of performance he wanted to see in his film. His constant guidance was very helpful for us because, as actors, we tend to read scripts and take away whatever we can and end up improvising. It is the same even for actors like Nawazuddin, who’s such an organic actor. It is very enjoyable to work with a director who is so clear about his work.


The Babumoshai Bandookbaaz team was an amazing team to work with. Nawazuddin is an actor’s actor and I am delighted to work with him. Also, Bidita Bag and Shradhha Das are excellent actors and great team players. I loved the experience.


I am loving it. There are so many people who are so excited about this film. Also, there is a good response from the critics. We are getting great reviews and everyone is loving it. This is what an actor dreams of.


I am meeting a few people at present. There are some projects in the pipeline but I am not sure I can speak about them yet. Now, a lot of people are calling and there’s work coming. So I am very excited.

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