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On Song

Pan Nalin’s upcoming Hindi film Angry Indian Goddesses is up for release. The film, which is all about female bonding, is a rollercoaster ride with myriad emotions and many a spilled secret as an impromptu bachelorette party gets underway. This week, Anushka Manchanda shares her experience during the making of this film. Over to her:

On Bagging The Role

A friend told me Pan Nalin had called me for an audition. I was, like, ‘Who is Pan Nalin?’ And what was I supposed to do? When he told me who Pan was, I said why would I meet him? But I went anyway and we chatted. The script demanded a musician and that’s how I bagged the role.

On Her Character

Mine was the easiest character to play as I am a singer in the film. I didn’t have to do any research. They made us write our characters ourselves. The writer and the director met us, they understood us, they got the vibe from us and then sketched our characters. My character is kind of a rebel, she is aggressive and speaks her mind.

On Workshop

In our workshops, we were taught not to act but simply react while being in character. They put us through various situations and we had to react accordingly, just as a common man would react to a certain situation. Our workshops helped us bond on a personal level which is reflected on the screen. That’s why, when you watch the film, you will notice a lot of great chemistry between us. It’s due to the workshops, which lasted 10-12 days.

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